Monday, March 9, 2009

#$^# Hope!

What the fuck. This guy's been our leader for like two months already and I ain't seen change for shit! The fuckin' sun still gets in my eyes, I still get fuckin' hangovers, some asshole shot a preacher. Fuck this.

What the fuck guy? I mean I'm still with you and all, I have hope and I got an Obama sticker on my fridge. But fuck. I Still gotta pay rent. I still can't walk around naked drinking beer in 80 degree weather all the time, as advertised.

I was under the impression that a vote for Obama meant whatever I wanted to happen would happen. Well frankly I feel a little gypped. I still haven't slept with Beyonce' (or even met her for that matter), I still haven't received my Porsche or the keys to my new condo in South Beach. Did you think this election was all a game Mr. President? It ain't.

Did you know that after all this talk about hope and change that, us, we the American people are still going to be expected to work? Seriously, I looked it up. What kind of change is that?

Also, I heard that there is currently no plan in the works to stop making The Real Housewives of Orange County or American Idol. Change, my ass!

And that's not all. It's cold as fuck and rainy outside and I heard that fixing it, ain't a part of this president's platform. Well what is? I mean we're at least still getting free sno-cone machines on every corner, right?

I'm just saying, this is bullshit. I want some hope and some change and I want it now! If free cocaine doesn't start falling from the sky while awesome free concerts are on every street corner I'm gonna start campaigning impeachment. Oh and Government funded hookers too.

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