Friday, February 6, 2009

Ottowa, Canada

Seems like old Bob can't get a fucking break. Just got this letter, intended for me, from the blog, Things I think I think I think.

Hey guy,
Are you sure this is not a small town review of Ottawa Ontario? Cause your "ideas" sound a lot like those held by the Canadian agenda. Wait, wait, wait, are you a fucking canuck? That would really explain a lot, like why you like to wear jordash jeans and call everybody "hoser" and just generally do shit that was cool here in america like 20 years ago like some sort of mildly retarded little brother to the US who mom makes us play Monopoly with but then you choke on a hotel and step right on the middle of the board and then spill my rootbeer all over the bank! Why can't you get your own friends!?
Maybe you're some sort of Canadian Spy? But why would Canada need spies since they don't have any bombs or army or anything since they still rely on the queen and Great Britain for all that shit? Bob Hall, you have really sent my mind on a wild roller coaster ride with this one, and I really just wanna get off before I puke, or get hit in the head by a goose like Fabio did.

First of all "guy", I'm not a spy. I'm a fucking super-spy. And no, I won't tell you for who because that wouldn't make me a very good spy would it? Also, if you claim to be such a patriot, why is the word America not capitalized but Canada is, like ten times in your letter.

Although I do thank you for the Fabio thing, it was funny.

Now as far as this sun thing goes, let's end this here and now. I'm going to place a poll on this blog. Blowing up half the sun, a good idea? or a great idea? You've all heard my reasons, but for those who need reminding here you go. Oh and I'll add few new ones too.

1. It fucking deserves it.
2. Global warming.
3. It would be fun as fuck.
4. Sunglasses are really lame.
5. Why not?
6. We can.
7. It's too big.
8. Lyle Gorch is out of gas.
9. Can you imagine how loud it would be.
10. Spy reasons that I can't talk about right now.

So that's it basically. Just go ahead and vote for what you think is right. If I lose I promise to spend a whole month reviewing cities in Canada. But if I win, ThingsIthink has to write a whole blog based on what a great spy I am.

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