Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Littleton, NH (revisted)

Well it looks like I have some explaining to do. The post on Littleton, NH sure received a lot of feedback so I guess a little clarification is in order. To do this I'd like you to read this response and I'll explain afterward.

Lyle Gorch has left a new comment on your post "Littleton, NH":

Mr. Hall,

Its good to here from you. I hope you had a good christmas and shit. I did.
I went to Jimmys and we ate us some good squirrel -- it was squirrel season and shit.
You should ahve come down for squirrel season. I bagged up a shitload this year -- more than Jimmy, again!
Well, he did spend about two weeks of squirrel season in jail. He got all hgih on gas one day and shot up the school going after some squirrel family. You should of been there -- when them kids went a running I laughed so hard I dropped my gas can. I didn't even care if I spilt it and shit! You would of been laughing ... I no youre tuff casue you a spy.

Anway, I kicked Jimmy's ass this year. Big time!

So I been trying to figure out your story ever since I red it up.
I don't git it.
If my brians inside my head and I control my head -- I mean I can move that shit anytime I want to. I don't even have to think that hard to do it and shit.
So don't that meen that I cntrol my brian to?

Everytime I thkni abotu it I just go over it round and round in my head -- like a monkey trying to fuck itself with its tail and shit.

So last night during Hee-Haw I was thinkign about it and it hurt so much that I wnert to the gas.
When I woke up in the front yard My Mom was screeming again, asking what was going thru my damn head.
All I could think about was that moneky, fucking itself and shit.

So tell me Mr. Hall -- who thought of that shit -- me or my brian?

We'll Lyle, in your case both. Or neither as it we're. You see, when you drink gasoline your brain still exists on a physical level but not really on a mental level. When you woke up to your mom screaming it was cause the monkey was your mind.

I hope this clears things up.

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